Project Pitch: A24 Fandom

The research project stated in the pitch video would be of auto-ethnographic nature as no research of this format has been undertaken before. While including the auto-ethnographic in a video form is an easier way to digest information, this format would also be useful as it could appeal to a different audience. Film fans whoContinue reading “Project Pitch: A24 Fandom”

Research and Ethics

Background Research It’s no surprise that significant research has been done surrounding fandoms and fan studies, and that research is incredibly relevant to my own media niche and project. However, Paul Booth (2010) brings forth an idea which I plan on exploring in my own research project: “Fan communities have always been the object ofContinue reading “Research and Ethics”

Planning My Approach

I’m always unsure of what exactly is the right thing to do. Am I writing the right thing? Do people care about what I’m saying? And in this case, am I focusing on the right topic for my research project? While I love the films which come from A24, I think the fan-base surrounding A24Continue reading “Planning My Approach”

Narrowing My Field Site

At first glance, the media niche of A24 seems confined enough. However, to develop detailed ethnographic research, it’s important to narrow the field site—”the spatial characteristics of a field-based research project, the stage on which the social processes under study take place” (Burrell, 2009). The image below outlines the field in which my study willContinue reading “Narrowing My Field Site”

My Media Niche: A24

A24 is an independent entertainment company which specialises in film distribution as well as film and TV production. Since its creation in 2012, A24 has distributed several award-winning films such as Room, Ex Machina, and Moonlight, as well as critically acclaimed television shows such as Euphoria and John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch. A24Continue reading “My Media Niche: A24”


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