BCM215 DA: Women and Video Games

BCM215 Contextual Essay Interesting Things: Women and Video Games The Digital Artefact Links Ideation, Concepts, and Response to Feedback Methodology Background Research Utility References For the transcript for my BCM215 DA, click here. Ideation, Concepts, and Response to Feedback Initially, this DA started in the form of visual art posted on Instagram and shared acrossContinue reading “BCM215 DA: Women and Video Games”

BCM215 Beta Comments

In this final stage of DA development, it’s extremely important to offer useful and critical feedback to our classmates in order to ensure that we all continue to develop and grow throughout the semester. As it’s currently week 10, I’ve been keeping up to date with the DAs of my classmates, specficially Amy, Alicia, andContinue reading “BCM215 Beta Comments”

BCM215 Beta

While a lot of other students are focusing their DAs on playing, I’ve decided the most effective way for me to participate in game media and fandom cultures is to use my art skills. By doing so, I’m recontextualising the game, transforming the media, and creating something new, Additionally, by trying to create things inContinue reading “BCM215 Beta”

Pitch Comments and Reflection

Comments and feedback are extremely relevant when developing a DA. That’s why it’s important to give our peers feedback which is helpful, constructive, and relevant to them. Lorena’s DA involves looking into gender within video games, with her final product being in a Polygon-style YouTube video. The feedback I left her gives her my ownContinue reading “Pitch Comments and Reflection”


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