Peer Commentary & Feedback

In order to create a feedback loop, we must give thoughtful and critical feedback to our peers. As our thoughts and opinions are developed from our own individual experiences, the feedback I give will ideally be unique, thoughtful, and helpful. Jaime Jaime’s Digital Artefact is a podcast episode which focuses on the future of artificialContinue reading “Peer Commentary & Feedback”

BCM325 Pitch: The Future of Freelancing

As a freelance writer, the future can be scary. Nothing is set in stone and things can go wrong so quickly. However, there are things to love about it: flexibility, freedom, pricing, and more. “Businesses look to become more agile, using increasing numbers of freelancers seems a clear path they are taking.” (Forbes) “There isContinue reading “BCM325 Pitch: The Future of Freelancing”