BCM206 DA & Contextual Essay

View my DA here: @thecreativedayle The original concept of this DA was an Instagram account based around visual art which I’d create. As I was looking at developing my digital visual art skills, I was hoping that by including that within my DA, I’d be able to gain a larger audience and create a feedbackContinue reading “BCM206 DA & Contextual Essay”

The Internet of Things

After the discussions about The Internet of Things this week, it got me thinking of the weird things which are probably available online. This podcast-style remediation for this week is just a live recording of me discovering the random smart products which are available to purchase. Overall, I’d say these things are only available toContinue reading “The Internet of Things”

Anonymous Resistance

Anonymous is the name given to the collective of international ‘hacktivists’ who have launched cyber attacks against many government organisations or large corporations. While hackers are often believed to be inherently ‘bad’, Anonymous has been described as ‘digital Robin Hoods’ and ‘freedom fighters’. I’ve focused my remediation on the idea of anonymity which surrounds Anonymous,Continue reading “Anonymous Resistance”

Meme Warfare

Meme Warfare grew throughout the 2016 election campaign, with Redditors and 4chan users being widely credited for helping Donald Trump win the presidential election by spreading political memes across the internet. While we are typically used to propaganda being spread by news outlets or political candidates themselves, what I find the most interesting about MemeContinue reading “Meme Warfare”

Feudalism & Big Brother

When talking about the Walled Garden, Fuedal Heirarchy and Serfs, one thing which really stuck out to me was the idea that large media platforms such as Google, Amazon, and Netflix have almost total control of the content we consume. Not only do these mediums (including Facebook and Apple too) control the content we see,Continue reading “Feudalism & Big Brother”

The Attention Economy

The thing that stuck out to me most about this week’s content is the idea of the Attention Economy. Specifically, the reading ‘The Attention Economy’ (Kane, 2019) brought up some interesting points surrounding the way that digital products compete for our attention. Kane states that ‘today, the dynamics of the attention economy incentivize companies to¬†drawContinue reading “The Attention Economy”

The Chronic Task of Sorting: Information Flows and Liquid Labour

While this week’s lecture and seminar brought forward a lot of interesting points, what stuck with me the most is John Boyd’s OODA Loop. While the OODA Loop was initially used within a military context, the OODA template (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is an effective way to approach many issues or uncertainties in life. FromContinue reading “The Chronic Task of Sorting: Information Flows and Liquid Labour”

Dayle’s Designs: Project Pitch

For my BCM206 DA I’ll be creating designs which can hopefully help with my future goals and employment. I think it’s important to note that I’m a complete newby at graphic design and illustration so this is bound to be a long process of growth and development for me. I’m taking this process one stepContinue reading “Dayle’s Designs: Project Pitch”