BCM112 DA & Contextual Essay: Freelancing Portfolio

For my BCM112 DA, I wanted to do something which is relevant to my professional career while being flexible to my needs. I also wanted to create something which potential employers or clients could take value in. That’s why I chose to freelance for my DA. Note: My audiences change depending on the publication orContinue reading “BCM112 DA & Contextual Essay: Freelancing Portfolio”

Algorithmic Control II

The idea of open-source and closed-source software intrigued me and led me to consider the software in which I use every day. Before even understanding the difference, I chose to switch to Android simply for the freedom and customisation which is available. This week, I finally learned the difference (and found out why Android allowsContinue reading “Algorithmic Control II”

Algorithmic Control I

To me, the most interesting part of this week’s content is the focus on copyright and intellectual property. In Australia, copyright protection is automatically granted to content creators. This means that the content creator has the legal right to control the distribution and selling of their content. While on the internet, most sites have high-qualityContinue reading “Algorithmic Control I”

Internet Paradigm I

By coming together, groups of people can collaborate, share information, and find solutions to problems or questions which wouldn’t have been possible as individuals. This phenomenon is referred to as “collective intelligence”. New media such as the internet allows for collective intelligence to grow and thrive, with resources and help being spread easily without aContinue reading “Internet Paradigm I”

The Medium is the Message II

While the industrial paradigm involves repetitive processes where conformity and perfection is key, the internet paradigm offers a different perspective. Products, content, and ideas can be copied, iterated upon, updated, and customised (among other things) to create something unique and interesting. The industrial paradigm and production lines create products which conform to a certain standardContinue reading “The Medium is the Message II”