I Don’t Like Coffee

The Public Sphere was described by Habermas as a coffeehouse – but what if I don’t like coffee? As a kid, my Nan and I would drink hot chocolate together, and we would talk about the world. I was only young, so for me, the world didn’t consist of many interesting things. My Nan, onContinue reading “I Don’t Like Coffee”

#MeToo and the Megaphone of Social Media

The #MeToo movement began in 2017 as a way for people to demonstrate the sexual harassment and sexual assault that takes place all over the world. The above image is by Tasaffy Hossain – a human rights and gender rights activist who uses this image to promote research and awareness into sexual assault/harassment, and to furtherContinue reading “#MeToo and the Megaphone of Social Media”

We Could Be Adventurers

In 2005, the wonderful science fiction/fantasy/adventure film Sharkboy and Lavagirl was released at theatres over the globe. As a six-year-old who aspired to be an adventurer, I was excited (to say the least) to see the inevitably phenomenal film. After days of begging, my mum packed me into the car, and off we went toContinue reading “We Could Be Adventurers”