Citizen Journalism in Malaysia

While citizen journalism has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another, however it became popularised less than 40 years ago. Citizens began to report on the 1988 US presidential election, seeking to overcome the lack of trust forming in the media. These citizen journalists became an active part of the publicContinue reading “Citizen Journalism in Malaysia”

Students and Twitter: A Reflection

Earlier this semester, I conducted research into why and how students and educators use Twitter to communicate. It started from the idea that students either love it or hate it – I fell somewhere in the middle, so I was curious. A lot of papers have been written on why teachers are putting Twitter inContinue reading “Students and Twitter: A Reflection”

If You’re Feeling Down

Hey, you. I know, things don’t feel so okay right now, and it sucks. But it’s okay to feel the way you feel, and it’s okay to let it out. Cry, scream, let it out. It’s going to be okay. Think about it. You’ve been on this planet for years, you’ve dealt with so manyContinue reading “If You’re Feeling Down”


Joanne stirred the diced tomato and herbs over the sink. The smell of fresh pasta and garlic swirled in the air alongside the tang of rain. She leaned over the piles of dishes and looked out the window to the overgrown grass of the backyard, eyeing the oncoming lightning. “Whatcha looking at?” Hillary mumbled asContinue reading “Storm”