Citizen Journalism in Malaysia

While citizen journalism has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another, however it became popularised less than 40 years ago. Citizens began to report on the 1988 US presidential election, seeking to overcome the lack of trust forming in the media. These citizen journalists became an active part of the publicContinue reading “Citizen Journalism in Malaysia”

Civilization of the Mind: Understanding the Network Society Paradigm

One topic which stuck out in this week’s lecture was the idea of emotional weaponization in media. Often we feel that we form our opinions from our own volition, but truthfully, we are constantly manipulated by the media we consume every day. Advertisements, shows, videos, blogs, and news organisations often show emotional scenes or peopleContinue reading “Civilization of the Mind: Understanding the Network Society Paradigm”

A Global Nervous System: From the Telegraph to Cyberspace

While the telegraph seems so old and outdated, it was revolutionary technology in the 1830’s and 1840’s. Samuel Morse and the telegraph changed the way that people communicate through long distances, inevitably impacting the future as they knew it. Looking back from a 2020 standpoint where a text message takes all of three seconds, communicatingContinue reading “A Global Nervous System: From the Telegraph to Cyberspace”

Narrowing My Field Site

At first glance, the media niche of A24 seems confined enough. However, to develop detailed ethnographic research, it’s important to narrow the field site—”the spatial characteristics of a field-based research project, the stage on which the social processes under study take place” (Burrell, 2009). The image below outlines the field in which my study willContinue reading “Narrowing My Field Site”

My Media Niche: A24

A24 is an independent entertainment company which specialises in film distribution as well as film and TV production. Since its creation in 2012, A24 has distributed several award-winning films such as Room, Ex Machina, and Moonlight, as well as critically acclaimed television shows such as Euphoria and John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch. A24Continue reading “My Media Niche: A24”

BCM112 DA & Contextual Essay: Freelancing Portfolio

For my BCM112 DA, I wanted to do something which is relevant to my professional career while being flexible to my needs. I also wanted to create something which potential employers or clients could take value in. That’s why I chose to freelance for my DA. Note: My audiences change depending on the publication orContinue reading “BCM112 DA & Contextual Essay: Freelancing Portfolio”

Secluded Cinema: DA & Contextual Essay

Concept My DA consists of two parts. An Instagram account which posts lonely, beautiful, nostalgia-inducing film stills. As discussed in the week two lecture, sci-fi is a socially accepted way to imagine possible futures. That’s why I chose to only post stills from sci-fi films. An accompanying blog series on my personal website which discussesContinue reading “Secluded Cinema: DA & Contextual Essay”