Project Pitch: A24 Fandom

The research project stated in the pitch video would be of auto-ethnographic nature as no research of this format has been undertaken before. While including the auto-ethnographic in a video form is an easier way to digest information, this format would also be useful as it could appeal to a different audience. Film fans whoContinue reading “Project Pitch: A24 Fandom”

Research and Ethics

Background Research It’s no surprise that significant research has been done surrounding fandoms and fan studies, and that research is incredibly relevant to my own media niche and project. However, Paul Booth (2010) brings forth an idea which I plan on exploring in my own research project: “Fan communities have always been the object ofContinue reading “Research and Ethics”

Project Pitch: Game Illustrations

Take a look at my Instagram (@thecreativedayle) if you’re interested in following along. One thing I love about this project is that it doesn’t limit the kind of games I can illustrate. While some projects may limit me to only video games or only board games, this medium gives me the freedom to do almostContinue reading “Project Pitch: Game Illustrations”

The Chronic Task of Sorting: Information Flows and Liquid Labour

While this week’s lecture and seminar brought forward a lot of interesting points, what stuck with me the most is John Boyd’s OODA Loop. While the OODA Loop was initially used within a military context, the OODA template (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is an effective way to approach many issues or uncertainties in life. FromContinue reading “The Chronic Task of Sorting: Information Flows and Liquid Labour”

Dayle’s Designs: Project Pitch

For my BCM206 DA I’ll be creating designs which can hopefully help with my future goals and employment. I think it’s important to note that I’m a complete newby at graphic design and illustration so this is bound to be a long process of growth and development for me. I’m taking this process one stepContinue reading “Dayle’s Designs: Project Pitch”

Citizen Journalism in Malaysia

While citizen journalism has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another, however it became popularised less than 40 years ago. Citizens began to report on the 1988 US presidential election, seeking to overcome the lack of trust forming in the media. These citizen journalists became an active part of the publicContinue reading “Citizen Journalism in Malaysia”

Civilization of the Mind: Understanding the Network Society Paradigm

One topic which stuck out in this week’s lecture was the idea of emotional weaponization in media. Often we feel that we form our opinions from our own volition, but truthfully, we are constantly manipulated by the media we consume every day. Advertisements, shows, videos, blogs, and news organisations often show emotional scenes or peopleContinue reading “Civilization of the Mind: Understanding the Network Society Paradigm”

A Global Nervous System: From the Telegraph to Cyberspace

While the telegraph seems so old and outdated, it was revolutionary technology in the 1830’s and 1840’s. Samuel Morse and the telegraph changed the way that people communicate through long distances, inevitably impacting the future as they knew it. Looking back from a 2020 standpoint where a text message takes all of three seconds, communicatingContinue reading “A Global Nervous System: From the Telegraph to Cyberspace”