BCM206 DA & Contextual Essay

View my DA here: @thecreativedayle The original concept of this DA was an Instagram account based around visual art which I’d create. As I was looking at developing my digital visual art skills, I was hoping that by including that within my DA, I’d be able to gain a larger audience and create a feedbackContinue reading “BCM206 DA & Contextual Essay”

BCM215 DA: Women and Video Games

BCM215 Contextual Essay Interesting Things: Women and Video Games The Digital Artefact Links Ideation, Concepts, and Response to Feedback Methodology Background Research Utility References For the transcript for my BCM215 DA, click here. Ideation, Concepts, and Response to Feedback Initially, this DA started in the form of visual art posted on Instagram and shared acrossContinue reading “BCM215 DA: Women and Video Games”

Interesting Things: Women and Video Games

Thanks for being here! This is the transcript of the Women and Video Games episode of Interesting Things. If you’d prefer to have a listen, click here. Otherwise, continue reading. Hi all. Thanks for tuning in to the very first episode of the Interesting Things podcast. Are these things actually interesting? Maybe not, but IContinue reading “Interesting Things: Women and Video Games”

The Internet of Things

After the discussions about The Internet of Things this week, it got me thinking of the weird things which are probably available online. This podcast-style remediation for this week is just a live recording of me discovering the random smart products which are available to purchase. Overall, I’d say these things are only available toContinue reading “The Internet of Things”

BCM215 Beta Comments

In this final stage of DA development, it’s extremely important to offer useful and critical feedback to our classmates in order to ensure that we all continue to develop and grow throughout the semester. As it’s currently week 10, I’ve been keeping up to date with the DAs of my classmates, specficially Amy, Alicia, andContinue reading “BCM215 Beta Comments”

Anonymous Resistance

Anonymous is the name given to the collective of international ‘hacktivists’ who have launched cyber attacks against many government organisations or large corporations. While hackers are often believed to be inherently ‘bad’, Anonymous has been described as ‘digital Robin Hoods’ and ‘freedom fighters’. I’ve focused my remediation on the idea of anonymity which surrounds Anonymous,Continue reading “Anonymous Resistance”