BCM112 DA & Contextual Essay: Freelancing Portfolio

For my BCM112 DA, I wanted to do something which is relevant to my professional career while being flexible to my needs. I also wanted to create something which potential employers or clients could take value in. That’s why I chose to freelance for my DA. Note: My audiences change depending on the publication orContinue reading “BCM112 DA & Contextual Essay: Freelancing Portfolio”

Secluded Cinema: DA & Contextual Essay

Concept My DA consists of two parts. An Instagram account which posts lonely, beautiful, nostalgia-inducing film stills. As discussed in the week two lecture, sci-fi is a socially accepted way to imagine possible futures. That’s why I chose to only post stills from sci-fi films. An accompanying blog series on my personal website which discussesContinue reading “Secluded Cinema: DA & Contextual Essay”

Live Tweeting: Weeks 6-12

One requirement for BCM325 is that we live-tweet each week as we watch the assigned movies. The Subject Outline says that “the live-tweeting exercise is designed to demonstrate your ability to engage in research, critically evaluate a text and engage in productive and convivial discussion in real time.” Keeping those things in mind, I willContinue reading “Live Tweeting: Weeks 6-12”

Peer Commentary & Feedback 2

Once again, we’re giving feedback to our peers to help them develop their Digital Artefacts. These comments we give will hopefully all be unique and can help our peers improve and learn. Jaime Jaime’s Digital Artefact was originally a podcast which focused on the future of artificial intelligence. However, she’s adapted her idea slightly transformingContinue reading “Peer Commentary & Feedback 2”

Algorithmic Control II

The idea of open-source and closed-source software intrigued me and led me to consider the software in which I use every day. Before even understanding the difference, I chose to switch to Android simply for the freedom and customisation which is available. This week, I finally learned the difference (and found out why Android allowsContinue reading “Algorithmic Control II”