Beta Peer Review – BCM302

A Watcher’s Guide to Television – Alicia

Since her project pitch, Alicia’s DA concept has stayed the same, focusing on creating content about popular and trending films and shows. Initially, Alicia focused on creating blog content which she would then transform and promote on Instagram and TikTok.

However, Alicia acknowledged quite quickly in her beta video that creating content across three platforms was time consuming and difficult to maintain, leading her to adapt slightly. Alicia’s focus for this DA has changed so now she posts informative and entertaining videos on TikTok alone. I feel that this iteration was fantastic and I’m glad to see that Alicia has changed to create something which is more sustainable in the long term. In addition, by narrowing down her skills onto one platform, Alicia will be able to demonstrate proficiency with TikTok – something which is becoming increasingly desired by employers.

Alicia’s initial audience was quite broad and she’s acknowledged how she’s needed to narrow that down. She’s also done a great job in acknowledging that her audience is very similar to herself, contributing to the decision regarding narrowing down onto one platform. However, it would’ve been great to see Alicia elaborate on her audience more.

Alicia found that audiences only have around three seconds before they skip a video, and there’s a similar phenomenon happening with trends. You’d be lucky to see a movie or show or general trend remaining popular for more than a week. I have noticed that by the time Alicia is posting videos, they already feel quite outdated and the trend has moved on. I recommend that Alicia posts videos about more recent or upcoming TV shows and films, for example: You Season 3, Dune and The French Dispatch (both starring Timothee Chalamet), Last Night in Soho, and Tiger King Season 2. As some of these are yet to be released in Australia (or at all), this might be a great time to be ahead of the curve with informative content or even theories.

I am curious to know what Alicia’s goal with this TikTok account is. Is she aiming for a certain number of views or followers? Is she hoping to continue this account beyond the DA and have a popular online presence? Or is she trying to increase her skills and understanding with TikTik as a platform? If it’s the latter, I’d love to see Alicia trying more things while still in this realm and audience base.

On that point, I understand that Alicia’s made it clear that she’s intending on posting informative content about films and movies. However, I think it would be great to see her push beyond that, at least for the purposes of understanding the platform. For example, while people love the shows and movies, there’s definitely a market for thirst traps and fancam edits of various characters. This market crosses over really closely with the audience it seems Alicia is appealing to and I’d be curious to see the response.

Beyond Branding – Amy

It’s been fantastic watching Amy’s project grow and change in real time throughout this semester. It seems like her online presence is becoming more and more consistent and has been developing in different ways.

From what has been presented in Amy’s beta video and post, Beyond Branding hasn’t gone through any large iterations since the pitch, and it’s great to see how Amy’s kept on track with her goals. With that being said, it feels implied that Amy and her intern have been quietly iterating as they go, noting the responses to certain kinds of posts and adapting appropriately. I would’ve liked to see a more concrete acknowledgement of these iterations in order to better understand why these changes have happened, but regardless, it’s good to see it happening.

I would’ve really liked to know who Amy’s audience is, especially across the three different platforms. Personally, I view LinkedIn to be for businesses, Facebook to be for mothers, and Instagram to be for young people or “cool” businesses. It’s important to know who your audience is and how to write appropriate copy to appeal to them. I also would’ve liked to see how Facebook and LinkedIn were performing depending on the post type.

Amy also mentioned that she was editing the copy on her website. I have a few resources which could be helpful for Amy in terms of both website copy and social media ideas:

– Ubersuggest. This is another keyword tool, however this one focuses specifically on keywords and key phrases. It’s a really great starter into using keywords and keyphrases, and it would be great for optimizing the copy on her site.
– Google Search Console. This is a platform made by Google with a keyword tool function (among other things). The keyword tool will do something like Ubersuggest, but it’s a bit more in depth. As Amy is a business owner, she’s have access to this so it would be worth playing around.
– Answer the Public. This is a keyword tool which visualises popular and suggested searches. This is great for finding content relevant to a certain topic using relevant keywords. Amy could use this to find out what people are searching for and give general inspiration for content.
– Google Trends. This is another platform made by Google to see what’s currently trending around the world. If Amy’s interested in creating timely and topical content, this would be a really useful way to do that.
– Scheduling tool. There are lots of scheduling tools available for free (or at a low price) online. These scheduling tools can make it really easy to plan in advance and schedule posts so you can be active even when you’re busy. Hootsuite and are good ones which I’d recommend, but it would be beneficial for Amy to look into some and see what works with her needs.

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