Pitch Peer Review – BCM302

A Watcher’s Guide to Television – Alicia McFadden

A Watcher’s Guide to Television is a series of blog and social media posts focusing on action, comedy, and drama television shows and films. Alicia’s pitch itself was beautifully presented, however it would’ve been nice to see/understand her audience in further detail.

By choosing something Alicia is passionate about, she’s made this project more sustainable which won’t take up too much extra effort on top of her normal life. The concept is strong and there’s a niche audience for these kinds of projects. However, it’s important to flag that the audiences across the three different platforms (Alicia’s blog, TikTok, and Instagram) are quite different, which could possibly make it difficult to reuse the content effectively.

Regarding methodology, I think that the idea of reusing content in different ways (eg. blog posts to TikToks) is fantastic. However, I wonder how much time and effort that will take, especially if Alicia’s looking to post regularly. Reusing this content isn’t inherently difficult, but it can be time consuming and unsustainable. While it seems quite straight forward, reformatting the content and monitoring analytics on different platforms can take a lot more time than you’d expect.

Should Alicia find that she’s struggling with maintaining a presence across all three platforms, I recommend that she looks into what kind of jobs she is interested in post-university, and find which skill would be most beneficial for her.

Whether her interests be in copywriting, social media, or other, here are some resources I’ve found useful when needing to create relevant/timely content:

– Answer the Public. This is a keyword tool which visualises popular and suggested searches. This is great for finding content relevant to a certain topic using relevant keywords.
– Ubersuggest. This is another keyword tool, however this one focuses specifically on keywords and key phrases.
– Google Trends. This is a platform made by Google to see what’s currently trending around the world. This would be a fantastic resource for Alicia to see what people are looking for and then use her platform/s to respond to this.

Beyond Branding – Amy Micallef

For Amy’s Digital Artefact, she’s using her design and branding company, Beyond Branding. As always, Amy’s pitch was beautifully presented, following the aesthetics of Beyond Branding and clearly displaying the necessary points. However, I would’ve liked if Amy included who exactly Beyond Branding’s audience is as well as the commercial goals (eg. to get more clients, to establish herself within the industry, create a specific client base, etc.)

I think that by acknowledging her problems, Amy’s done a fantastic job of creating a concrete plan to overcoming these issues, and it seems like a really great internal utility. In addition, I think it’s a great idea to use this situation as her Digital Artefact as it will encourage her to work to a deadline and critically analyse why things have or haven’t gone as anticipated.

By working closely with an intern and following FIST and FEFO principals, Amy’s setting herself up for success. However, while Amy has clearly highlighted what she will be doing and why, I would’ve liked to know a bit more about how exactly she’s planning on doing it.

One suggestion I have for Amy is that she should reconsider her mindset going into this. While Amy has stated that she’s excited to have an intern on board, I think it’s important for all managers or business owners to view the intern experience as beneficial for both parties. While it’s great for the intern to learn these crucial comms/marketing skills, it can also be great for Amy to further her leadership, time management, and organisational skills which can directly help with some of the problems which Amy has flagged earlier in the DA. I recommend looking into organisational software such as Asana, Monday, Confluence, or the like in order to find something which makes planning easier. I’d also recommend looking into scheduling software for said social media sites, making it easier to plan ahead.

Much like Alicia, Amy’s project is quite a large one. While the goal of this class is to have a larger DA than we’re used to, I’d like to caution Amy that this may end up being difficult to maintain. While it’s great to have goals and high expectations, this can lead to a feeling of failure and burnout which will ultimately lead to more stress. If Amy finds that it’s too much to post consistent and relevant content on several platforms, SEO optimising her website, and managing an intern to be too much, that’s totally okay! It’s a lot of work and it might be worth reviewing the workload and removing less necessary tasks.

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