BCM222 Visual Essay Pitch


Hi, my name is Dayle Beazley and this is my BCM222 Visual Essay Pitch.

For my visual essay, I’ll be critically analyzing and evaluating how Australian media represents asylum seekers and refugees.

More specifically, I’ll be focusing on Behrouz Boochani, the Kurdish-Iranian refugee who was held in the Australian-run Manus Island Detention Centre in Papua New Guinea. While I believe that the media representation of refugees and asylum seekers is an important topic, in order to speak about this in depth I feel that my essay needs to focus on Boochani’s specific situation in order to compare or contrast this to other situations.

My visual essay will include in-depth research into this problem with the hope to address the following questions:

  • How does Australian media portray asylum seekers and refugees?
  • How does/did Australian media portray Behrouz Boochani’s?
  • How and why do the above two answers differ?
  • How have refugees challenged Australian media’s representation?
  • How has the representation of refugees and asylum seekers changed over the years, and how has Boochani been a part of that?

One resource I’ll be using is Boochani’s book No Friend But the Mountains, the autobiographical account of his journey to Christmas Island and incarceration on Manus Island. This will help me to further understand Boochani’s experience, as well as the media’s response to it. I also plan on analysing timely articles to better understand exactly how refugees were represented and how that’s changed today.

In order to address how refugees have challenged the media’s representation, I’ll also be using this article which focuses on Self-Represented Witnessing, showing a contrast between Boochani’s representation from himself versus that from the media.

If given the time, I’d also like to look into how and why refugees and asylum seekers are used not only in media, but in politics, as there are theories floating around that Boochani was only granted refuge to New Zealand to further a political campaign.

Thanks for watching. Any thoughts or feedback are welcome.

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One thought on “BCM222 Visual Essay Pitch

  1. Hi Dayle,
    Well done on your pitch! You have a good grip and structure for what you intend to do in your visual essay. It provides a well in-depth study of an example of representation of refugees and asylum seekers. I think to distinguish the line between it just being something we covered in class to something that you are expanding on would be the comparison between Boochani’s experience with contrasting and similar cases. Furthemore, analysing the difference in the representation of each of them in the media and how those differences are either finally changing or at a stand-still. Which for your second source could lead this conversation/analysis. For your images, I recommend finding contrasting ones to analyse the differences and also move the reader.

    For the future, I do recommend less reading off of something and interact with your camera/audience more to engage them which will also help with tutors grading your pitch.

    Wishing you all the best on your visual essay!


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