BCM206 DA & Contextual Essay

View my DA here: @thecreativedayle

The original concept of this DA was an Instagram account based around visual art which I’d create. As I was looking at developing my digital visual art skills, I was hoping that by including that within my DA, I’d be able to gain a larger audience and create a feedback loop to help me grow and develop further. I’d created an Instagram account to share my visual art on, though that didn’t really give me much of a solid DA. That project was very inward-facing, meaning that the utility was focused more on me than it was a particular audience. I feel that it was quite basic and two dimensional, not really pushing myself outside my comfort zone. However, when initially creating my DA, I thought I may want to expand beyond visual art in the future which is why I named my DA ‘The Creative Dayle’.

So, after receiving feedback feedback from my pitch, beta, and just overall, I figured I should pick up where I left off with a previous DA: focusing more on developing my digital portfolio. While I have a fair bit of content to share online, my current portfolio on my website is underdeveloped and a little inaccessible. Online creatives have adapted to this, instead developing portfolios on social media too.

By focusing on McLuhan’s idea of the medium being the message, I decided to transform the way I’m displaying my portfolio. I pointed my DA in direction shown in the examples above, still focusing on things I’m creating, however simply doing it in a way that I am familiar in and confident with. Not only would this work as a outlet for me to share my portfolio in a creative, visually appealing way, but it would still allow me to develop my skills in other areas, namely visual art, graphic design, and social media marketing.

So who’s the audience for this and what’s the utility of this DA? Well, the audience comes in two parts: businesses/clients looking for my portfolio, and the general audience who merely appreciates what I’m posting. People within the digital industry tend to follow similar people in order to grow their own following and make connections, so this audience is somewhere in between the main two I just brought forward. The utility of this DA on an audience level is to give them a resource which they or their business may need, show them visually appealing and high-quality content, and showcase my work (for future clients or employers).

The most important learning moment in this process, for me, was realising that there’s a way to develop my skills AND have a utility for my audience. This DA addresses the ideas of future cultures at a very very basic level, looking at what people need, what people may need later, and answering that question while forwarding my own career and portfolio. By switching the aim of my DA and framing my work in a new and unique way, I was able to put to practice my understanding of framing from BCM206.

I’m currently finalising the first designs to go up on Instagram, with the current drafts in the gallery just below. As I don’t particularly have much experience with graphic design or marketing, it’s important for me to start this the right way: running the images past experienced eyes, posting the images in a logical order, and developing a marketing strategy when uploading the ongoing Instagram portfolio. Feedback is the only way to improve, so I’d rather take extra time to reflect on the feedback and make changes than rush things out.


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Writer. Editor. Student. Creative.

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