BCM215 Beta Comments

In this final stage of DA development, it’s extremely important to offer useful and critical feedback to our classmates in order to ensure that we all continue to develop and grow throughout the semester. As it’s currently week 10, I’ve been keeping up to date with the DAs of my classmates, specficially Amy, Alicia, and Brooke. By continuing to interact and engage with these DAs, I feel that the comments I’ve left them have been more useful than in previous similar assessments.

Amy has changed her DA since her pitch, from a graphic design-based DA to something she’s seemingly more passionate about—playing Among Us and sharing that gameplay with others. To help Amy gain a more solid following, I suggested two ways of sharing gameplay which seems to be quite effective for others: using TikTok and posting best moment compilations. While these are by no means new ideas, they might be helpful for Amy, especially as she gets off the ground. Amy, like myself, hasn’t really been too detailed about her analytical framework for her DA which I brought forward to her in the hopes to help her gain better marks in the final assessment. Additionally, I suggested that Amy looks back to an earlier reading which is relevant to her DA and attached a link to an article around growing on Twitch. I feel that the resources I attached would be of use to Amy, and the suggestions I’ve given might help her DA to spread further. However, in hindsight, I could’ve offered Amy some better resources as well as some more specific examples from the lectures.

Alicia’s DA focuses on playing ‘pink’ games marketed towards young girls and writing critical blog posts surrounding that research. Alicia had clearly thought through most aspects of her DA very clearly; I could find little to no flaws or gaps in her beta presentation which made it difficult to leave feedback for. To get beyond this barrier, I brought forward some of my own relevant ideas surrounding the broad idea of feminism and women in games. While that wasn’t as directly related as I would’ve liked it to be, I feel that the feminist context would help Alicia in her final assessment. I gave an example from the lectures for Alicia to look back on, as well as a new resource which I’d found online. All the feedback I’d offered Alicia wasn’t as directly related as I would’ve hoped it to be, but Alicia has clearly poured a lot of time, passion, and research into her project which has really shone through, leaving my resources slightly irrelevant. All things considered, I feel that I offered something that, at the very least, Alicia would find interesting.

Brooke’s DA involves her playing video games which she’s never played before and creating blog posts reflecting on that experience from her unique perspective. Once again, I directly participated in the creation of this DA so it was interesting seeing how this came together. Brooke had a lot of good stuff in her beta, but I suggested a few ideas which might be useful for her to consider for the final assessment. As Brooke had already done so much work towards this DA, I suggested a way for her to expand that work into a different platform which would ideally allow her DA to be more accessible. Once again, I suggested that Brooke look back on previous readings which would ideally help her when creating thinking critically about her DA. I didn’t suggest any external sources for Brooke, which in hindsight, I should’ve done. Additionally, I feel that my feedback could’ve been more critical and useful by suggesting specific places for Brooke to look and more specific and useful ideas for the future of her DA.

Overall, I feel that the feedback offered was mostly useful, but once again, further and more relevant resources could be offered in order to help my classmates out even further. I feel that my strengths lie in giving useful suggestions and places for people to look rather than specifics. I also feel that by being too critical, I may come off as rude, obnoxious, or judgemental when really, I’m only trying to help.


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