BCM215 Beta

While a lot of other students are focusing their DAs on playing, I’ve decided the most effective way for me to participate in game media and fandom cultures is to use my art skills. By doing so, I’m recontextualising the game, transforming the media, and creating something new,

Additionally, by trying to create things in unique or new formats (such as the found footage-type images) I’m merging the game culture with other cultures of art, cryptozoology, and misticism.

I have no concrete dates within this project as this is something ongoing without any strict deadlines, just a broad goal to sell a product by the end of semester.


Writer. Editor. Student. Creative.

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Writer. Editor. Student. Creative.

One thought on “BCM215 Beta

  1. Hey Dayle!

    I have absolutely been loving your digital artefact, it has been so amazing to see you grow and use your creative gifts to develop this DA.

    My question is for you, what is your focus for this assessment? What kind of analytical framework have you address? I know that you have discussed at the end of your video you spoke about participating through doing your art and as much as I agree with you maybe you should look into why design is so important in games and how your understanding of creating art has allowed you to understand the medium of designing games.

    There should be a reason to the design aspect that you could link it to! I recommend taking a look at the lecture on week 6 as it discusses designing and there may be something that you can pick up from however week 8 also explains participatory culture however what are you participating in?

    I hope these words have helped you! Let me know if it has.

    Looking forward to seeing more wonderful creations from you! All the best 🙂



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