The Attention Economy

The thing that stuck out to me most about this week’s content is the idea of the Attention Economy. Specifically, the reading ‘The Attention Economy’ (Kane, 2019) brought up some interesting points surrounding the way that digital products compete for our attention.

Kane states that ‘today, the dynamics of the attention economy incentivize companies to draw users in to spend more and more time on apps and sites.’ While this is an inevitable part of media, I get creeped out by the idea that we are constantly being drawn deeper and deeper into social media platforms for the sole purpose of gaining our time, our clicks, our money, and our attention.

As a response and retaliation to these ideas, my remediation focuses on digitally detoxing, giving simple tips on how to remove yourself from the digital world and the maze in which we are constantly being drawn into. Digital detoxes have benefits for both your mental and physical health, which is why I found it so important to consider in relation to the content from this week.


Kane, L (2019) ‘The Attention Economy’, Nielsen Norman Group


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