Pitch Comments and Reflection

Comments and feedback are extremely relevant when developing a DA. That’s why it’s important to give our peers feedback which is helpful, constructive, and relevant to them.

Lorena’s DA involves looking into gender within video games, with her final product being in a Polygon-style YouTube video. The feedback I left her gives her my own opinion, as well as two resources which she might find to be useful. Additionally, I gave her an idea to make her post more accessible to viewers. I believe that this feedback and the resources were helpful, however it might’ve been better to directly link those sources and include quotes which would be relevant to Lorena. I feel that my personal feedback could’ve been more in-depth, offering more contribution surrounding the topic.

Brooke’s DA will be in the form of a blog post discussing the impacts of video games (by playing games made in the last five years). I suggested that Brooke play some older games to gain a wider perspective, and I attached a relevant YouTube link and recommended a reading on the Moodle site. I feel that the feedback I gave Brooke was constructive and useful, and will potentially help her DA greatly by expanding her horizon. I also gave direct examples of places to start which should ideally help her with a place to start. I should’ve found a direct quote from the week four article to show her the relevance of the article itself. Aside from that, I feel that the comment I left was useful, relevant, and constructive.

Paige’s DA is an analysis of ugly/bad video game graphics, discussing why the games are popular and if the graphics effect that. In my comment, I suggested that Paige looks further into aesthetics in general, even giving an example of an “ugly” aesthetic which is still popular today. I attached an article and recommended that Paige checks out one of the readings again. I wish that I’d been able to find things more relevant to Paige’s project, however I do feel that I’ve given her a good point to look into. Once again, I should’ve found a quote to show Paige how relevant said article is to her project. Overall, I feel that my own input was useful but the resources I attached weren’t relevant enough to her DA.

Overall, I feel that the feedback I’ve given in the comments were useful and constructive, however I could’ve explained the resources better. Additionally, I should’ve added quotes, and at times, found resources which are more relevant to each users’ projects. However, I believe the actions which I suggested were helpful nonetheless, with some great starting off points which each person will hopefully look into.

I completely forgot to draw upon the lecture materials, instead primarily focusing on the readings. In the second round of comments, I’ll be thinking back to the lectures to gain more relevant resources and ideas for the people.

While leaving these comments, I reflected upon my own project which has led me to looking into different aesthetics and finding older games to illustrate. I also realised that I’m perhaps ignoring the subject materials too much and I need to utilise them more for my own project.


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