Project Pitch: Game Illustrations

Take a look at my Instagram (@thecreativedayle) if you’re interested in following along.

One thing I love about this project is that it doesn’t limit the kind of games I can illustrate. While some projects may limit me to only video games or only board games, this medium gives me the freedom to do almost anything. With that freedom, I should be able to more accurately display the wide range of notable games out there.

In week 13, I plan on creating a short video displaying all of the game related illustrations I’ve created. That way there’s a short summary of everything I’ve done this semester while also acting as somewhat of a portfolio.


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Writer. Editor. Student. Creative.

11 thoughts on “Project Pitch: Game Illustrations

  1. What a project… WOW! I’m actually really looking forward to this project! And I know you mentioned Etsy – which I think is a wonderful idea I’m sure thousands of people would want to be illustrated as their favourite gamer avatar. This is such a creative project – This concept didn’t even cross my mind as a designer myself (If you ever need more people in your feedback loop – be sure to send me a message!!) I can’t wait to see how your project will evolve as a business on these social media platforms and how you will evolve as a designer in branching out in drawing different characters in your style. I will for sure be staying tuned. 🙂

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  2. This digital artefact sounds absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of seeing game characters in another style rather than the original. I think selling these on platforms such as Etsy and Redbubble is an excellent idea! To get more engagement, you should look into posting your art and projects into game related groups and pages on social media. This way, users will be able to provide feedback on your work and well… make some sales! Your project is completely opposite to mine, and in a good way. I am focusing on doors, corners and stairs in horror games as I play them for the first time. I would love to see your recreation of a horror game character to try test your skills. You should also try making time laps of your designs top upload to social media as they are always entertaining to watch. Youtube channel “Struthless” posts drawings or characters in different styles so you should give it a watch for some inspiration!!

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  3. Hi Dayle! I think this DA idea is a really interesting application of something you are passionate about and relevant gaming media content. I appreciate the almost overlap of looking at game media texts (the game graphics itself) and the paratexts (game enthusiasts wanting their character commissioned). I am looking at game animation myself but am focusing on the impact of the quality of the graphics and any effects it has on business success or the gameplay itself (

    Something it would be worthwhile to look into is the evolution of the game graphics on whichever character you choose to channel. This article shows the stylistic development of popular gaming characters ( Learning about visual character development could really improve the nuances in your drawings you choose to incorporate and appeal to gamer audiences who have been fans for a while!

    Illustration and digital art is something I am only just delving into and am realising it is such an oversaturated market! To make your work stand out or gain traction I personally found that posting your pieces in game-specific subreddits can be super effective – as they are already fans of that particular gaming culture.

    For your next post, it would be awesome to see or hear of some of the research that led you to this idea or gave you some further insights into this game media culture. I really look forward to seeing your art recreations!

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  4. I have spent the past few days scrolling through peoples projects for this subject and I can honestly say this is one of the coolest and most unique ones that I have come across. I love how at the beginning you mention that you have not played a wide variety of games in your life and instead of forcing upon yourself a topic that puts you out of your comfort zone, you have instead thought of an outside the box way of displaying a game media topic that most suits you and I think that is awesome. I noticed you said that you were going to use Instagram and TikTok to promote your various illustrations, from a TikTok point of view, have you considered doing time lapses of your drawings being out together to create some really awesome content? If you have already thought about this forget it but check out somebody like @bigbumbobo on TikTok who uses a similar technique with great effect. Another suggestion for promotion that I would suggest using is Reddit. This is a platform with almost millions of different subreddits and I know for a fact that there are fan art sub-reddit that exist if you were looking for either inspiration or validation. Overall, I think that this is such an awesome project and I am so excited to keep checking in on what you have produced over the course of the subject.

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  5. Hi Dayle Bezler,

    Firstly I must commend the design and structure of your website. I’m inspired by how the flow, stream and configuration/design merge pleasantly. Utilising this project as an illustration inspired artefact is such an exceptionally unique idea. You have shown phenomenal diversity by branching into numerous social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. Tik Tok has such a wide range of individuals using its program to exhibit video game arts in short clips and because of the high prevalence of the platform your project will definitely gain attention.

    I highly recommend utilising Reddit to share your drawings and artworks with the community. Two subreddits I suggest checking out is r/Art and r/Sketchpad. R/Art is the main art subreddit and is great for sharing your project ts with similar artists and art lovers. It’s great if you are looking to connect, associate and discuss techniques. Just as art can be characterised in endless ways, this expansive subreddit is super comprehensive. Its best for browsing through an assortment of content before narrowing down your core interests. R/Sketchpad is great if you may not feel comfortable with sharing every rough draft with your friends, peers or colleagues. Its a much smaller subreddit for sharing unfinished drafts with other artists on the internet. Users can post individuals work in progress, offer a tour or their recently completed sketchbook and get drawing feedback. Its a great discussion tool to get comfortable with sharing your artworks and its fun checking out what others have to offer.

    I have personally utilised Etsy and Redubble and have to say its a great method to start your project’s business and as a decent source of income. You may likewise consider using Fiverr as an online marketplace for a service. You could offer your aptitudes and ability in art as a job that individuals will take interest in. 

    I respect that you are fusing diverse cultures and backgrounds as a component of your digital artefact. As a Korean, there are numerous conventional games (Maple store and the Ragnarok series on DS) that I would love to see recreated through your works of art. Although your audience is somewhat difficult to define, I’m certain as you proceed with your task it’ll be much simpler to see who’s keen on your craft and perhaps you could gear more into that particular niche (eg high audience feedback from teenagers that appreciate playing story-driven games). Although our ideas are different as I’m focusing more on video game details and design, I feel that through your artwork the features and attributes are significant in assisting to make an engaging piece. This video may help you get started, which focuses on how to be an engaging artist within the video game industry 🙂

    I’m excited about your upcoming horror game-related topic in October and seeing my favourite board games recreated as artworks. Best of luck and all the best with your project you are undertaking!

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  6. Hi Dayle,

    I am so excited to see this project come to life! I love that you have chosen to focus on something so unique rather than fit into the stereotype of playing games (not that there is anything wrong with that). It is really refreshing to see such an awesome design perspective!!

    Also I can really see this overlapping with your bcm241 project as well and that is so great that you were able to overlap them! I have done the same with my digital artefacts, I have focus on the topic of branding and design and have expanded from there. As someone who loves designing I really look forward to see all of your work! I am already following and keeping up to date with your posts but it is still exciting!!

    I definitely think posting in Facebook groups is so useful as well, I know you are in the A24 group for your bcm241 project but I think to get the most inspiration follow a few pages on reddit and Facebook! You’ll find the most people who respond will be in your group pages. That’s what recently happened to me which was cool!

    All the best for your digital artefact if you need any assistance along the way please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am really look forward for your work!

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  7. Hey Dayle! Wow, I absolutely love this idea. I just went and checked out your instagram page and had to give it a follow – you’re so so talented, and I already know this project and your account is going to go so far! I’m not a gamer at all by any means. I was nervous to start this subject because i’m so unfamiliar with the gaming world, but it’s great to see that while others are in the same boat, they are interpreting it in a unique way and mixing it with their own personal interests and skills – as you did! So that’s already great.

    I think this is such a good use of your own existing skills and building upon them in reference to a project. I’m the least creative and artistically skilled person ever, so I am always in awe of anyone would can draw/design anything. so it’s great that you can use this to your advantage and make it specific to gaming texts and media. I also think it’s clever that you’ve monetised your project in a way – you’re making money, and successfully completing a uni degree (amazing.) I noticed that you mentioned you were going to be using “apple pencil” which i’m not familiar with, so as a suggestion (and to entertain people like me), perhaps you could do a time lapse of one of gaming designs. I would love to see the process behind it. I think that would be super interesting. As Chris mentioned in the week 6 lecture, “ A visual artist’s work is determined by the technical features of the medium at hand – (in this case your ipad, and apple pencil) – and each technology of production shapes, limits and provides specific channels through which innovation and creativity must proceed.

    I know you said your DA would be of relevance to those who enjoy/ participate in gaming, however, I do not and I can confirm this would definitely be something I would be interested in following. And i’m sure a lot of other people would too. Like I said, I am not artistically gifted and love seeing peoples amazing and creative designs and illustrations. Especially designs that show the artists real talent (like yours). And it’s really creative of you to have October as a horror games month – that’s a way of gaining even more peoples attention. Here’s an article on other good tips and tricks illustrators can use to increase their following on Instagram:

    Overall, really great pitch and idea! I also think it’s great that your end goal is to sell prints and stickers on Etsy and red Bubble! It’s great to have a specific objective and focus like that. So all the best. Can’t wait to follow along.


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