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I’m a huge fan of Instagram. In fact, I love it so much I even have two accounts—one for personal use, one for my art. By having two accounts, that means that I can display two different sides of myself.

On my personal account, I generally post things which are happening in my life. More specifically, things that make me happy or things that I’m proud of. Photos of myself and my partner, photos of myself where I look good, photos of myself and my friends. Truthfully, I present myself in a way which is good, positive, and which makes me seem happy (Reece & Danforth, 2017).

On my art account, I post art which I’ve made—more specifically, good art which I’ve made. Things I’m proud of and happy to share. I don’t share the time that it has taken to create it, I don’t share timelapses of me creating it with all the mistakes I’d made. Instead I share the good stuff. Only good stuff.

Instagram is the ideal platform for me because it gives me the chance to display my life in pictures. On Facebook, it always feels as though I owe every photo an explanation. On Twitter, it feels like there’s not enough time to say anything of quality, and you only want to be short and witty on Twitter anyway. Tumblr and TikTok aren’t the right platforms either—they require too much from me (a video, an aesthetic, a truth I’m not willing to share (Pennington, 2018)) and they’re too public.

It’s as though Instagram is a platform for myself and people I know, and truthfully, it feels like we are all on there to share the best parts of our lives. I think we secretly all know that what we’re doing is emitting the truth, but we’re all okay with that. Nobody really wants to see photos of other people mid-breakdown, do they? No, nobody wants to see the failures, the heartbreaks, the bad days, and we don’t want to remind our future selves of that either.

So who’s the audience for this? On a smaller scale, it’s our friends. On a larger scale? That differs.

For my personal account, the audience for this would be people like me—people who just want to see other people having fun. Alternatively, it may be people internationally who want a sneak peek into what Australia is like. But again, that’s not my intended audience. All I want is to share my personal photos with friends. As for my art account, the audience for that is unanimous world-wide: people who like art. Whether they make it, support it, or just appreciate it. Either way, both accounts are accessible without too much thought going into it. I mean, who really wants to see deep, sad shit on Instagram?


Pennington, R 2018, ‘Social media as third spaces? Exploring Muslim identity and connection in Tumblr’, International Communication Gazette, vol. 80, pp. 620-636

Reece, A & Danforth, C 2017, ‘Instagram photos reveal predictive markers of depression’, EPJ Data Science


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