The Chronic Task of Sorting: Information Flows and Liquid Labour

While this week’s lecture and seminar brought forward a lot of interesting points, what stuck with me the most is John Boyd’s OODA Loop.

While the OODA Loop was initially used within a military context, the OODA template (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is an effective way to approach many issues or uncertainties in life.

From a personal context, the OODA Loop can act as a way to deal with mental health issues in our ever-changing world, breaking things down into steps and giving us ways to deal with the problem at hand. However, looking at this from the perspective of a media maker, Boyd’s OODA Loop gives us a way of approaching content creation in a world where trends and algorithms are constantly changing.


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Writer. Editor. Student. Creative.

4 thoughts on “The Chronic Task of Sorting: Information Flows and Liquid Labour

  1. How crazy is OODA! Never really thought about it in that way either, the benefits it can have on all parts of our lives! Really eye-opening post Dayle, great read!


  2. Great post! Loved gaining a little extra insight regarding the OODA loop, as it wasn’t a topic I touched base on in my blog post, I had discussed and examined the different strategies businesses create, as well as the new and old forms of production in the developing world! Reading blog posts that have different information topics are a great way to grow my knowledge of the BCM206 subject and its extremely insightful!
    An extremely eye-opening and interesting blog Dayle, thankyou!


  3. Hi Dayle! I also found this concept interesting… I spoke about similar ideas in my own blog and used a business case study. I particularly like your post as it makes reference to how the OODA framework can be used in a personal context. The example helped me grasp an even better understanding of this particular subtopic and how broadly it can be utilised. Great work, thanks!


  4. Your post was quite engaging and gave me a different point of view on OODA. The hyperlink you had included was great as I wasn’t too familiar with OODA and wanted to know a bit more about it. They way you had explained OODA in your perspective as a media maker, allowed me to better understand OODA and how it can be applied in different context. Really enjoyed reading your post!


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