Civilization of the Mind: Understanding the Network Society Paradigm

One topic which stuck out in this week’s lecture was the idea of emotional weaponization in media.

Often we feel that we form our opinions from our own volition, but truthfully, we are constantly manipulated by the media we consume every day. Advertisements, shows, videos, blogs, and news organisations often show emotional scenes or people which in turn appeals to our own emotions. By triggering our empathy or anger, these outlets persuade us to feel a certain way and encourage us to believe their narrative.

While emotional weaponization is by no means a new concept (or even inherently a bad thing), it’s important for us to be aware that it’s happening. They can cause us to think a certain way or only see one side of the story, completely blocking us from the truth.

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4 thoughts on “Civilization of the Mind: Understanding the Network Society Paradigm

  1. Reading your blog, I found that I may have misunderstood. Indeed, emotions may cause us to think in a certain way, or only see one aspect of the story, which completely separates us from the facts.


  2. I agree with you in saying that manipulation is definitely executed in the media. It isn’t wrong to an extent but I do believe that they paint a picture of a particular topic that sway our opinion to what they want us to believe. Especially, learning last semester about concentration and ownership of the media….


  3. The same notion stuck out to me! I found it so interesting, despite being vaguely aware the concept existed from previous studies. I took a similar approach with my blog and found an endless stream of examples. The case study that stuck out the most was a study which made reference to what’s known as the Russian Troll Factory.


  4. Hey Dayle!

    Loved this blogpost so much! I really am engaged with these discussions because I 100% agree with you, we are constantly manipulated by the media. It does make me a little bit sad though that they do, is it for a good cause or for bad?? How do we know what is real and what isn’t? They want us to feel and think a certain way which to be quite honest is a little scary..

    All I can really link this blogpost to is everything that has been happening at the moment with the election and the world, we are definitely getting a biased view that definitely manipulates the way we think. It’s important to keep a balanced approach on everything we see incase it is false or true! (not sure if that made sense though).

    My question for you is, do you think there was ever a time where we weren’t manipulated and the media actually portrayed real things that just showed the truth and weren’t used to persuade or manipulate us?

    Your post definitely made me think about this a lot, looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    Have a great night,



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