My Media Niche: A24

A24 is an independent entertainment company which specialises in film distribution as well as film and TV production. Since its creation in 2012, A24 has distributed several award-winning films such as Room, Ex Machina, and Moonlight, as well as critically acclaimed television shows such as Euphoria and John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch.

A24 has a wide filmography including films such as Hereditary, Midsommar, The Lighthouse, Mid90s, and Eighth Grade. Their extensive selection of films have (mostly) been met with praise, with talented directors and actors making each film unique and unforgettable. A24 is known to give filmmakers significant creative freedom, which has led to their films being artistically-dense, ambitious, and at times unsubdued. Basically, A24 gives unique filmmakers the freedom to make unique films with diverse casts.

A24 film covers. View the full list here.

While fanbases don’t commonly form surrounding specific production companies (aside from Studio Ghibli and very few others), A24’s unique style has accumulated a steady following of film-lovers and passive audiences alike. Despite their growing audiences and critical acclaim, A24 has continued to keep their budgets low, sticking to their indie roots.

Countless A24 subreddits, Facebook groups, Youtube videos and Twittter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts have been created by fans over the past eight years. These platforms act as a place where fans and film-students come together to share their love and passion for A24 productions. While the possible demographics for these audience could be extremely vast, it seems that A24 themselves have a great understanding of their fanbase.

In 2018, A24 released The A24 Podcast where members of the film industry discuss a variety of film-related topics. Bo Burnham, Alia Shawcat, and Martin Scorsese (as well as other notable industry professionals) have appeared on the podcast. Additionally, A24’s website includes a wide range of resources for fans to enjoy, including an A24 auction page, a Notes section (with articles by filmmakers or about the films), and the Shop.

Often times, production companies sell merchandise (such as shirts, bags, keychains, hoodies, or hats) surrounding specific films. However, A24 has approached their shop in a different manner. A lot of their merchandise surrounds A24 as a brand itself, as pictured below.

A24 Merchandise.

While A24 still sells merchandise related to specific films, they approach it in a different manner, selling board games, screenplay books, zines, and posters relating to very specific film references.

A24 Merchandise.

While A24 doesn’t respond to their fans in the same way that Wendy’s Twitter would, it does appear that they’re still listening to their audience. Indie companies similar to A24 have attempted to break into the mainstream and have failed significantly. However, A24 understands and listens to their audience and continues to give them what they want—unique indie content which breaks down barriers in every way.

I feel that an ethnographic investigation would help film and media students, marketers, and film lovers alike understand in further detail how the relationship between A24 and its audience operates. This research would ideally bring forward useful information which can help aspiring media and film professionals succeed in the industry.

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