Peer Commentary & Feedback 2

Once again, we’re giving feedback to our peers to help them develop their Digital Artefacts. These comments we give will hopefully all be unique and can help our peers improve and learn.


Jaime’s Digital Artefact was originally a podcast which focused on the future of artificial intelligence. However, she’s adapted her idea slightly transforming the podcast into a series of blog posts. It seemed that Jaime had really thought through all of her ideas and blog posts, and she had a reasonable timeline in place. However, in her Beta she didn’t specify exactly how the blog posts would be presented, so I offered a few resources and ideas to ensure she’s getting the most out of her DA. Finally, I recommended a specific lecture which would be of benefit to her, and I included a quote which would be particularly beneficial for her.


Cooper’s Digital Artefact that he discussed in his Beta is a podcast based on the future of electric vehicles and the way Australia is adapting to the market. I gave him a brief bit of feedback relating to the format of his DA while also directing him to some more resources which may disprove his theory. However, I’ve kept updated with Cooper’s posts on Twitter, and I noticed that he has changed his DA. His new DA is several short stories posted to his blog and other platforms which incorporate the idea of future cultures. While the assessment was to give feedback on the Beta, I felt it would be a waste to not give feedback on the thing he was actually pursuing. That’s why I advised him to look back at the content from previous weeks to be able to incorporate his original idea with his new idea.


Chris’s Digital Artefact is a podcast in relation to the future and video games. However, his ideas are still a little vague and underdeveloped, and I encouraged him to share some future content ideas. COVID-19 has made it difficult for Chris to continue his podcast due to technological limitations, so I linked him to a Reddit thread which could help him adapt, as well as a subreddit which might be of use to him. And finally, I recommended using his content to create several more pieces of content as he mentioned he was struggling to post much. I attached a useful resource which shows helpful ways to iterate your content for different platforms.


Similar to my approach with my pitch comments, my process of providing feedback was to read their posts, watch their videos, and then take notes on my initial thoughts. Then, I narrowed these thoughts down to focus on the concepts, ideas, and production of their DAs. The Beta presentations were much more thought-out than the pitches, which made it more difficult to give feedback. However, I still tried to offer at least two useful resources which could help them improve.

All of my peers’ DAs had adapted greatly since the pitch and have all become more developed. Because of this, I was able to offer more ideas on the future of their content and how to gain more views (rather than pointing out potential issues).

I believe that I was able to offer them all useful feedback and resources which would benefit them and their DAs. I also feel that I linked their DAs back to the subject materials where applicable, allowing them to engage more with the ideas within this subject. As I’ve been able to keep up to date with their content over the past couple of months, I feel that I’ve been able to offer them some more useful feedback.


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