Algorithmic Control I

To me, the most interesting part of this week’s content is the focus on copyright and intellectual property. In Australia, copyright protection is automatically granted to content creators. This means that the content creator has the legal right to control the distribution and selling of their content.

While on the internet, most sites have high-quality algorithms which automatically detect when copyright-protected content is being shared. However, as someone who has completed a Creative Writing degree, I can’t help but think of the copyright within the non-digital mediums.

Artists have been referencing other artists for centuries (think of T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land). One more recent example of this is Vampire Weekend’s Lord Ullin’s Daughter—the lyrics being a poem originally written by Thomas Campbell in the late 16th century, with the sound being something similar to one of Vampire Weekend’s previous tracks. The themes of this poem vaguely resemble themes and moods within the 2019 film, The Lighthouse (Robert Eggers) which was inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe and ancient mythology. For my remediation this week, I used two images from The Lighthouse as well as the first few stanzas from Lord Ullin’s Daughter to create a new image referencing all of these pieces of art. Additionally, my remediation is protected by Fair Use.


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2 thoughts on “Algorithmic Control I

  1. Hey Dayle,
    I appreciate the example you used of artists from previous centuries, and how you express that artists have been inspired by other artists for years. Also how you used your personal experience of your Creative Writing degree to lead into your examples.
    I especially like your remediation and how you connected it with your blog, definitely by emphasising the fact that it is protected by Fair Use.
    This was definitely easy to read and quite helpful to understand the concept.
    – Kiana


  2. A very formative blog and I can tell it by knowing you’re a creative writing grad. This was a good exploration of you using artist as example for your blog and relating it to fair use.


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