Scenic Cinema—Changing My DA

My initial plan for my BCM325 DA was to create three long-form blog posts surrounding the future of freelancing. While the feedback I was given on the project pitch was supportive and useful, upon further reflection, this DA wasn’t for me.

Going back to basics, DAs are supposed to be Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, and Tiny. While three long-form blog posts (in theory) would fall into the FIST category, in practice, it was tedious and generally just a pain. I thought that it would be something I would enjoy and find helpful, but I just found myself procrastinating or dreading every moment of research.

While that’s sometimes just a part of life, we’re living in extraordinary times where every moment is valuable. Frankly, I didn’t want to waste my time creating something I hated. So, I decided to put myself first and change my DA.

So now my BCM325 Digital Artefact is Scenic Cinema. This is a collection of screenshots from films (for the purposes of this class, films set in the future) shared onto Instagram, Tumblr, and my own personal blog. The screenshots have very loose rules: they must include little to no people, they must come from a film which is set in the future (from time of release), and they must instil a sense of nostalgia or loneliness. There is no set colour theme or post limit.

The initial idea was to simply post on Instagram and become a part of the cinema community. However, I didn’t want to limit myself to one platform (and frankly, merely post photos which doesn’t involve much work on my behalf). So, I decided to post the same kinds of photos on Tumblr too, while also posting a short blog post (or review) relating to the films on my personal blog. In this way, the Instagram and Tumblr posts are the basis of this DA with the blog posts being a bonus which I refer people to.

Instagram and Tumblr are, at their core, visual mediums. People log on to see appealing or interesting images, not to read. However, by adding a blog, I’ll be able to create more content, appeal to different audiences, and give the audience on Instagram and Tumblr another form of content on a different platform.

While this isn’t the most complex DA, it’s something I enjoy. I’ve been collecting visually appealing stills for years and I love talking about movies in general. Not only will this DA relate to the concepts of BCM325 by comparing visuals and concepts of the future, but it’s something I enjoy and will help me to build my own portfolio.


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